Mondays suck — that’s a Universal truth. But thankfully, EarthGang are here to cure our blues with this smooth new song. Getting help from Mac Miller, the rising Atlanta duo (yes, they’ve been compared to OutKast and no, that isn’t so crazy) provide a five-minute breather from whatever shitty job or dangerous neighborhood that currently weighs your spirit down: “Big’n you gots to hurry now/You only got T-minus 15 ‘fo it’s back into the wild/The snakes are snipping at your feet, might even peep a sheep howl.” Think Kanye’s “Spaceships” on weed brownies.

“Monday” is the first track (or day) off EarthGang’s upcoming Torba project, which also features appearances from OG Maco, Rome Fortune and J.I.D.

Stream below…

While you’re waiting for Torba, check out EarthGang’s 2013 mixtape Shallow Graves For Toys:


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