personally I’m sooo not interested in this pathetic attempt at a come-up aka the “beef” between some guy named Ransom and Joe Budden. Nowadays there’s too many people trying to get fame any way other than earning it. That’s why I’ve completely ignored all the pointless dis records….

I only post this video to highlight one of the most ignorant homophobic comments I’ve heard in a long time….At one point Ransom tries to defend the record-skipping redundancy of the timeless “you’re gay, gay, gaaay” diss (snore….) by saying something like, “Ain’t nothing else but that…I don’t give a fuck if people say he’s gay but he’s a good rapper…no n—a, it stops at gay….’Cause after I find out you’re gay, you’re not a good rapper after that. You’re a bad rapper.”

Ha. That is moronic.

Obviously, trying to discredit someone by calling them gay is the oldest stunt in the book. And the laziest and least talented one. Sadly, it still works with some idiot audiences. But it never ceases to annoy me. In the end, the guy who relies on that weapon will get beaten by….irrelevancy.