this is so awesome, the sun pales in the presence of the Sun King.

“swagger on a hundred thousand trillion”

If I had more time, I’d use excessive space-bar and shift keys to create a Guillaume Apollinaire poem to show my appreciation.

But, I will say….I love Ye’s LV sneakers. They’re simple enough….and not too weird just for the sake of being weird. He says the back heel is a tribute to the incredible costumes (namely the collars of the costumes) in the David Lynch-directed 1984 movie DUNE (which was written by Frank Herbert [edited out because I didnt check first and I have a cold and I’m grumpy]). Which makes me happy because I love DUNE. but which makes me irritated because…I love the movie DUNE and don’t need it being re-sassied into a Kanye shoe. But its better than making a shoe inspired by your Bentley or your bong I guess. Also, I’ll take sci-fi fashionisto tributes any day over slain-civil-rights-nickname-improv. (Although, I get the Coming To America reference.)
Wonder if they’ll come in ladies sizes….eh…its a recession. I dunno.

Photos of Kanye’s shoe and his “inspiration” after the jump

Kanye’s Louis Vuitton sneaker, coming out this fall.
(for more pics, check out here and here)

And here is ‘Ye’s inspiration:
Sting in the movie DUNE

Kyle Maclachlan and Sean Young

Sting again in all his creepy glory