Part 1: Is Drake The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Hip-Hop?

If you missed the show tonite on MTV, here’s the Drake “Better Than Good Enough” special in full. The same crew that made Jay-Z’s Fade to Black doc, Radical Media, followed Drake for four months, all the way up until his debut album sold 447,000 copies in this past week. I liked the documentary because it was really well done. But I can see why my twit-pal CaughtintheWeb says that Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib is the most compelling part of the show. His health struggle and his observations about Drake are just that. And maybe its also: I get the sense that Drake is such a measured industry vet….that while there are fascinating parts of his story, there are not necessarily candid ones. I wonder if every action and word is laid-out in his mind-script.

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