Mikey: The pride of Canada stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show last night to debut their new single “Tweet Tweet”. Haha! Shout to Drake’s white du-rag.

MissInfo: Kimmel has been consistently creating hilarious skits on his show (see the amazing “Handsome Gentleman’s Club” and “Eminem teaches Jimmy to rap“)….and what I love about this is Drake x Kimmel collabo is that while this song is easily the new twitter anthem…it manages to be catchy and celeb-skewering at the same time. Also…I can imagine Drake hosting SNL and killing it in the next few years. Definitely has that Justin Timberlake self-deprecation potential.

After the jump, Drizzy performs “Over” and “Bedrock” (ft. Nicki Minaj)

oh, and just because it was just too good to not revisit….Jimmy Kimmel’s “Handsome Gentleman’s Club” skit