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(GOW3’s Jace Stratton and YoungMoney’s Drizzy Drake)

Everyone gets all frothy when their hot new rap phenom and their idol-worshiped veteran megastar combine forces….but for me, this is the kind of collaboration that gets me hype! LOL. The homie Godfree from GamerTagRadio just hit me with the news that Drake has signed on to do voiceover in the grand finale of my absolute favorite videogame series, Gears of War! I lost many workable hours and devolved socially as a grownup two years ago during my “Gears of War 2” obsession….but I did manage to “beat the horde” with help from Godfree, and some more skilled friends. So I’m looking forward to welding myself to my couch again when “Gears of War 3” drops exclusively on Xbox in April, 2011…

Drake is voicing Jace Stratton, a new playable character in the upcoming finale to [“Gears of War”].
In the finale to one of gaming’s most recognizable sagas, Epic has added four player cooperative campaign gameplay, allowing them to bring characters from the extended “Gears” universe to life.
“Jace is a central character in the comic books…” said Epic Executive Producer Rod Fergusson. “When we began casting for the role, ‘So Far Gone’ had just released, and Drake’s combination of heart and grit was just what we were looking for. Rather than search for somebody who sounded like him, it was clear that we should approach him directly… fortunately he turned out to be a huge fan.”
“When Epic came to me with the role, I couldn’t pass it up,” said Drake. “They’ve created an amazing character in Jace, and I’m looking forward to my tour in Delta Squad.

I wonder if Drake has actually played the series before….or if he’s more a PaRappa/VivaPinata gamer ; )
Check out a look at Drake’s GOW3 character doll, and the trailer for “Gears of War 3″….after the jump

Drake, meet your character Jace Stratton….and his horrific cornrows, lol.

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