Drake is in New York City to perform at the Jordan Brand Classic this Saturday at the Barclay Center. So while in town, he stopped by the storefront studios of East Village Radio to talk to our pal Elliott Wilson’s show…and he as very forthcoming!

Not only did Drake announce that he’s dropping two new songs this upcoming week (YAY!), but he also had a sharp dagger for Chris Brown and Rihanna…and a blunt butter knife for Pusha T.

I make better music than [Chris Brown]. I am more popping than him. At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap.

Check out more the key quotes about Chris Brown, Rihanna, Pusha and Drake’s new music…
And check out the audio from the show…
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UPDATE: hahaha, here we go.

Part 1 of Drake x Elliott:

Part 2 of Drake x Elliott:

Part 3 of Drake x Elliott:

Part 4 of Drake x Elliott: *with all the slander, lol*

Here’s some of the topics Drake and El covered in their chat. We will add more East Village Radio audio as soon as it’s available…
– Drake says that his new album will be mostly produced by his usual partner, Noah “40” Shebib.
– He broke both “Started From The Bottom” and “5am in Toronto” at local clubs in Toronto.
– He spoke on his relationship with The Weeknd. Saying that they’re cool, they’re just in their own lanes now.
– As for the two new songs he’s planning to release next week, one was originally the “Started From the Bottom” remix but he gave it to Khaled instead. **According to Illionaire, the song will be DJ Khaled “No New Friends” featuring Drake and Rick Ross, produced by Boi-1da.**

And here are some key Drake quotes, thanks to Danyel Smith, Joe La Puma, and Mr. X. Ouch, Breezy!

Drake on Chris Brown, via Mr. X and Complex:
“I make better music than him. I am more popping than him. At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap.”
“His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him”
[Miss Info: between “I just lay the pipe” and “fell into my lap”, Rihanna might be the hottest chopped liver in the game.]

Drake on Rihanna and Pusha T, via Joe La Puma:
“I don’t have a problem with him.” Drake on Pusha
“I’m not thinking about that girl, either.” Drake on Rihanna

Drake  on his relationship status and new music, via Danyel Smith:
“i’m not in relationship mode right now. i’m just in focused mode.”
“i’m excited about music. i’m in the best place i’ve ever been, mentally and physically”
“media … it’s all entrapment.”
“i’m not gonna stop singing.”
“i just want to make people enjoy their summer, get through their winter.”
“my album is about setting up the music in a way that u want 2 listen 2 the album all the way thru over & over again.”
“i like 2 work w/the guys i’ve toured with, the guys i know well.” — @drake speaking about Future and 2Chainz to @elliottwilson
“i like when music creates debate/discussion. at the same time i’m not going 2 rush out there & clear it up for you”
“i’ll go make a million dollars somewhere else and preserve the integrity that we have.”
“everybody has 2 options, they can rap abt how it used 2 be or how they want it 2 be. i wanna rap about now”

There was also plenty of commentary from the twitterverse:
The Dynamics: “At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap” is this year’s “It’s a frustrating time for a lot of people right now, I get it”
It’s The Real: Chris Brown’s insides are looking like WIP right now.

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