(Nas in Babeland: actress Jessica Alba posted this photo of her and her pals Jessica Sawyer, Nicole Ritchie…and Esco?)

In the latest installment of quick flicks, Nas wines ‘n dines with Hollywood ladies (above), Drake gets his FIFA on, and Kim Kardashian makes her daily Hawaii frozen-yogurt expedition in yet another unflattering outfit. *scratches head*

See for yourself after the jump.


(Drake insta-ed himself practicing some fancy footwork in full Toronto FC garb. Clearly a big footie fan…remember that Balotelli namecheck in the Aaliyah song? )


(MissInfo: Kim Kardashian and Kanye get their daily frozen yogurt out in Hawaii…but who is making her wear these completely unflattering clothes? This skirt is 2 sizes too big, the top looks like an undergarment…why? But in some Current Elliot cut-offs, a black The Row tee and those KW by Zanotti shoes, she would look casual and amazing. Who cares if the skirt is Mugler or Balenciaga or whatever? Is this worse than her Harajuku school girl outfit from the other day? Via UkMail)

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