While we’ve all seen Lil Wayne’s unfortunate “Baked” face tattoo, Drake’s latest body ink is like the emotional opposite of that. Wayne paid tribute to a random skateboard company. Drake pays tribute to two deceased family members, his uncle and his grandmother. Drake visited tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado in Hesperia, CA for the large back pieces on Dec. 27th.

Miss Info: Drake is all about demonstrative sentimentality. From his Aaliyah tattoo to this new tribute to his late uncle and grandmother…if Drake loves you, you will end up permanently pictured on his skin. That’s basically the rule. But the most interesting thing about this new tattoo is what we don’t see. Look at the photo of the back tattoo (after the jump)…The center of it is Drake’s Uncle hugging his Grandmother. And the piece incorporates the previous Aaliyah face that he already had on his back. But who is the mystery woman tattooed on the other side?….

See Drake’s new family tribute tattoo…
And the mystery addition….
After the jump

Drake’s new tribute tattoo: from left to right, Aaliyah (obscured), Uncle, Grandmother, another female figure (obscured)…..Any ideas?

Drake’s original Aaliyah tattoo: and other rando bird images, before the additions.

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