While taking a visit to Manchester United’s training grounds in Trafford, England, SoulCulture U.K. had the chance to tag along with Drake and football star Rio Ferdinand. In the interview above, the Toronto rapper reveals that his favorite verse in a deep catalogue that spanned mixtapes, features and a platinum album is “The Calm” off his 2009 mixtape (and eventual EP) So Far Gone.

The reason it’s my favorite is because of the situation that came about, I was probably on that day at one of the lowest points in my life ever. I don’t ever remember being that angry, that depressed, I was truly changing as a person due to family situations and I remember I’ve never fought with my uncle before. I was on the phone screaming, I was in 40’s apartment on the balcony screaming back and forth with the man I care about with all my heart and that’s where the lyrics (“I’m just so far gone, october’s own, please leave me alone. Drunk off champagne, screaming in the phone, see my house is not a home, fuck is going on”) came from. Those lyrics to me were very much exactly what was going on at that moment and between my mother, my uncle and my dad, I felt like I had nobody at that point. I was just at odds with everyone in my life it was negative energy going on, that verse means a lot to me because I can really listen back to it and I feel like I did a great job at getting the emotion across.

Below you can catch Drake’s interview with DJ Semtex backstage at his show in London at the Apollo where the two talk his new album Take Care, his debut album Thank Me Later being rushed, UK artists and much more.

Audio: Drake Interview with DJ Semtex

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