This past Sunday Elliott Wilson hosted his biggest CRWN event to date. With Drizzy Drake as his special guest of the evening, YN and October’s very own chatted for over 2 hours in front of a packed audience at the NYU theater. For those of us who couldn’t make it, Myspace has some very clean video recaps impacting the Internets as we speak. Pitchfork just released part 1, which features Drake expanding how the recording process and influence between Nothing Was The Same. He really made it a point to explain how he wanted to blur the lines between R&B and Rap on this album. Also, he noted that instead of doing a 100 interviews, he wanted to use this album and his music in general as his platform to speak about his personal life. Interestingly enough, he also revealed that Ghostface hit him up personally to show love and say that he’s own of his favorite MCs of the moment.

“I wanna blur lines, and I want to blend it,” Drake said of combining elements of R&B and Rap in his music. “If you think I sing too much now, wait til I’m like 33 and I do this straight. Just wait till I’m at the MGM Grand every night.”

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“[Kendrick] is giving people moments,” he said of the “Control” verse. “But are you listening to it now, at this point in time? Okay… It was real cool for a couple weeks.” But, he continued: “If I asked you, for example, how does that verse start?” Wilson came up empty. “Mind you, it’ll go on– Complex and Rap Radar will give it like, verse of the millennium and all that shit or whatever.”

“I think Kendrick has the up-most potential. I see Kendrick tomorrow I’m a dap him. I didn’t feel a way about that verse. I get it. I get the moment. He’s a good guy. That verse had no malice behind it.”

” I can’t wait to see what he does. Now, it’s time to show and prove. Consistently is more than 1 album. I look forward to seeing what he does. He’s super talented. Cheers to Kendrick Lamar.”

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