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It’s been over a year-and-a-half since Drake and Common squashed their beef, but that doesn’t mean Drizzy doesn’t have any last words on the topic. In an interview with XXL as part of his September cover story, Drake said he believes he stole the victory in his war of words with the G.O.O.D. Music vet: “I think I came away with the W on that one.”

Although conceding that Common’s “Canada Dry” line was funny, Aubrey wasn’t too keen on his comments about his parents. Not letting feelings catching up with him, though, Drake explained that his strategy during the beef was to make a club record, “because that’s more painful than anything.” That’s why, he says, he’s ready if anybody else wan fi’ test.

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You did strike back at Common after he dissed you last year.

Obviously, the whole tension with that whole camp has been brewing for a long time, and that was the first time someone had called me out personally. I reacted in a very poised way. First of all, I made sure it would run in the club because that’s more painful than anything. As opposed to just being on a blog, I wanted to be on a record that you would have to stand around and hear every night for a few months. That was my whole strategy going into that. Instead of sounding hurt and malicious, I wanted to sound fun, get my shit off. Like I said, if it happens again, not that I want it, not that I welcome it, but I’m ready. I really enjoy writing bars, man. I’m not nervous about anybody saying anything to me.

It seemed like you won, but his last line was good.

The Canada Dry line? That was epic. I liked it. It wasn’t a good line necessarily, but it was funny.

Did he step over the line when he scorned you for being biracial?

For you to delve into my mom and my dad’s a bitch and all that, you’re just reaching for impact moments but the bars aren’t really good so it didn’t hit me. I never sat back and analyzed that either. I only heard it once, and thought, “I think I came away with the W on that one.”

XXL‘s September issue hits newstands August 20.

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