Everyone has posted the Dr. Dre LA-Times story. I was slow to read it because I knew it would discuss the Detox album and I hate endless discussion about things that are not happening for along time. Hot air. It happened with the Fugees reunion. It has happened to D’Angelo. It happened to the Simpsons movie. It will happen with the Sex and the City movie. It happened with that first horrible New Edition reunion. At a certain point, lets not talk about it, just be about it…whenever, 7 years later, you feel like it.

Ok, now that I vented.

The article was interesting because Dre mentioned that he has a movie deal with Phillip Atwell. Together they’ve done some great videos, like that Dr. and Em one where Dre is Em’s good and bad conscience….

And more importantly…

“Dre made a rare public appearance this month when he announced the video of the year winner on the MTV Video Music Awards telecast in Las Vegas.

For fans, the appearance was notable for two things: Dre didn’t give a release date for “Detox,” renewing fears that the album may be lost in some twi- light zone, and his arms and chest were notably buff.

“That’s another of my obsessions,” he says a few days later of the new look. “I go in the gym two to 2 1/2 hours Monday through Friday. It makes me feel better and look better.

Before Dre started on the weights about four years ago, he often went out drinking and eating after leaving the studio at night, and his weight swelled to 270 pounds. It’s back to 220, and he has cut his body fat from 29% to around 6%. Playfully pumping his arms, he says, “I feel like I can kick a brick wall down now.”

Yeesh. Easy, rager.

Dr. Dre, circa 1992, 29% buttermilk

Dr. Dre, circa now, 6% musclemilk (photo spotted at Nahright.com)

holy hydroxycut…..