(photo from SandraRose….I’m sure she’s gonna have a field day with this one)

from TMZ:

Sources tell us the woman who left the three-page text message on Brown’s cell phone is Tina Davis. Davis — who turns 40 this month — was rumored to have had a relationship with Brown when he was 16. Brown and Davis have denied it.

Law enforcement tells us the text message to Brown talked about hooking up later — and it totally pissed off Rihanna. She slapped and hit him and he then brutally fired back.

The detective’s affidavit refers to the text message as being “from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.”

honestly, when I saw the police report about a 3-screen text, I wondered if it could possibly have come from Chris Brown’s “Rene Angelil“….only because a new young jumpoff would probably have just texted: “HoJo room 314, 20 min., I’ll tell me cousin and her boyfriend to go to Dennys for a while.”

But yeah…this is bad. I just can’t imagine the dread in both CB and TD’s hearts knowing that this detail would eventually come out….not really being that relevant to the fight, but being deadly confirmation of the long-time rumor. Almost like collateral damage.