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Donald Sterling’s disgustingly racist remarks continue to spark outrage in and outside of the basketball — and rightly so. Many interesting stories are developing from “Sterlinggate,” including reactions from the Clippers players, the strong possibility of Magic Johnson buying the franchise from Sterling, and an extended tape of Sterling’s racist rant. Hit the jump for the latest developments.

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The Extended Donald Sterling Tape (via Deadspin)

Deadspin have released extended audio of Donald Sterling’s conversation with his girlfriend, in which he spews more shocking racism. At one point, he says, “It’s the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.”

L.A. Clippers players protest Donald Sterling by wearing their warmup jerseys inside-out

Donald Sterling wasn’t in attendance at the ORACLE Arena for last night’s playoff game against the Warriors, but the Clippers let him know how they feel about him. At the other playoff game between Houston and Portland, the players made their own statement by wearing black socks.

Also, this brilliant response from two Warriors fans:

Exit strategy for NBA, Donald Sterling: Sell Clippers to Magic Johnson (via Yahoo! Sports)

Magic Johnson inadvertently found himself at the center of Donald Sterling’s racist views about his girlfriend’s association with black people, but in a sweet slice of irony, the Lakers legend could be succeeding Sterling as the new Clippers owner. Full story here.

Sterling’s wife describes alleged mistress as gold digger in lawsuit (via Los Angeles Times)

Sterling’s wife of more than 50 years, Rochelle H. Sterling, is suing his mistress V. Stiviano for, well, being a gold digger. She claims that “Donald Sterling used the couple’s money to buy Stiviano a Ferrari, two Bentleys, and a Range Rover and that Stiviano took possession of a $1.8 million duplex through fraud. Sterling also gave her nearly $250,000 in cash.” Full story here.

V. Stiviano Attorney: Donald Sterling Rant Audio Is ‘Legitimate’ (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Contrary to Sterling’s desperate claim that the TMZ tape was “altered,” V. Stiviano’s attorney has released a statement saying that the audio of their conversation is “legitimate” and she did not release it to the news media. Full story here.

Three Things About the Donald Sterling Tape (via IllDoctrine)

“Why don’t racist practices cause as much uproar as racist words?”

Los Angeles Clippers Lose State Farm Sponsorship (via Jockington)

Tank won’t sing the National Anthem before the Clippers game tomorrow night (via TMZ Sports)

“As an African-American man and artist, I must take a stand on a matter that is so deeply personal to me,” he said. “In light of the recent disturbing and offensive allegations, in good conscience, I cannot move forward with my scheduled appearance at Tuesday’s Los Angeles Clippers game.” Full story here.

President Obama, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg & More React to Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments