There are the new artists that bubble up and within weeks, they’re going from youtube single to seven-figure signings…with every label meeting speculated about by us, the twitter peanut gallery. But quietly, without fanfare, Dominic Lord, an 18-year old from Harlem has been having those same meetings, and fielding those same pitches without a single song available to the public. Until now.

Dominic was an early member of the ASAP family (who have have a major star in ASAP Rocky, with affiliates like Ferg, Bari, Nast and others making their own names too). But Dom’s role was as a designer: he allegedly designed those iconic VSVP pieces for Blackscale. Now, as a songwriter and producer, Dominic is independent from the ASAPs…but he’s still got some hefty help on his side. Dom has partnered with manager Steven Victor (Pusha T), lawyered up with Theo Sedlmayr (50 Cent, Chief Keef), and has been in the studio with Hudson Mohawke, Benny Blanco (Katy Perry), Stargate (Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa), and more. All this has attracted the attention of Geffen, Warner Bros, Def Jam and more. I’ve heard some early songs back in April that I really liked (i.e., a song called “Message Failure”), but none of it was what I expected after meeting the intense but still gangly growing teenager. There are shades of Kid Cudi’s sing-song raps, electronic dance hooks, and even bits that remind me of British 90’s pop. Does Dominic listen to Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys?!

Check out the very first release from Dominic Lord, “Pierce” (Produced by Hudson Mohawke)…
And let me know what you think!
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Dominic Lord “Pierce”: Produced by Hudson Mohawke. Directed by Aram Bedrossian.

Some more photos from Dom’s website (DominicLord.US) and twitter (@LordOverUs)


Is this a new level in the music industry hunger games? Or is the fact that Dominic has been pursued without ever putting out a song, a testament to his connections or unreleased content?

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