(Kanye and fiancee Alexis at his Sapporo/Complex toast pre-VMA party. Very cute outfit! Hers I mean, lol.)

At first I thought Kanye was just pissed because he didnt win any of the 5 awards he was nominated for…and lets be honest, obviously if he had won Video of the Year or Best Male Artists of the Year….I have a feeling he would have just kept his other complaints to himself. But in light of the fact that Kanye was already not a happy camper…what do you think of his other complaints?

1) He feels he should have been allowed to open the show instead of Britney.

2) He feels MTV misled him by hyping up the VIP suite location for his performances. Kanye, along with Fall Out Boy and Justin Timberlake, had their own remote suites where they performed. However, in Justin Timberlake’s case, he got to perform from both his suite and then on the main stage with Timbaland, etc. The VIP suites were special but they did kinda feel removed from the energy of the main room, which you could really feel during, say, Chris Brown’s segment.

3) Kanye says MTV “doesnt respect black people” for reasons including the fact that, according to him, white artists were able to open and close the awards. Not so sure if that’s entirely accurate for the closer, right? I thought it was an overall Timbaland medley featuring Keri Hilson, his artists D.O.E and his younger brother (everyone backstage was like…who is that guy? He looks just like a baby Timbaland), Nelly Furtado, and Justin T. Another friend pointed out that Rihanna won the night’s 2 biggest awards (Video of the year, single of the year), which maybe speaks to the respect part? Although if you look at some of the programming (3-6 Mafia’s show, that horrible Jamie Kennedy show) then….well, in terms of ethnic representation, that’s a whole different can of worms….

4) This one I didnt know about until just now…..Kanye feels disrespected because he asked for a line in Pamela Anderson’s introduction of him be removed….and it wasnt. Here’s what ‘Ye said to Z100…

“Another sticking point: Pamela Anderson‘s racy introduction on the telecast. (Anderson appeared in a music video for West’s single “Touch the Sky.”) Before West performed “Good Life” from his suite, the former Baywatch star told viewers, “One of the best times I’ve ever had was making out with the next performer in the middle of the desert. I think I had my tongue so far down his throat I could taste his fiancée – and I might need a repeat performance later tonight.”

“I’m engaged, and I feel like it’s disrespectful to my relationship,” West says of Anderson’s remarks, which he claims the network assured him would not happen. ”

That’s dead wrong if they promised to change the script and then reneged.

But I kinda think, overall, the casual American viewer probably just came away, thinking…”Wow, Kanye did good on that there show.” All the backstage nuances didnt matter. Kanye’s suite looked cool, and so did his rooftop glass pool performance of Good Life . They probably laughed at the Pam intro. And I’m sure nobody was thinking how lucky Britney was to have the opening spot. I could barely watch that part out of embarrassment for her……

I think Kanye has a point about contributing alot to the ceremony and getting nothing back. I just think he shouldnt let the VMAs take one ounce of his energy or focus away from his album release. So far, I heard he’s already cancelled today’s TRL appearance. So he’s clearly serious about it…


Kanye also took time to address his issues with the VMAs on the live 106 n Park special with him and 50. At first he said he didnt want to speak on it… but clearly its something he wants folks to understand, so he went on to say that it wasnt about not winning awards, it was about the fact that it was always his dream to open up the award show with Stronger, and that while MTV hyped up his VIP suite, in his gut, he never was sold on the idea because  as he always says, his goal is to make stadium status music. So anyways, he also told MTV that Britney wasnt ready to open the show, which is disturbing if that means that everyone knew what a disaster it would be. And they still let her hang herself. Kinda skeevy.  But it seemed like the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Kanye bumped into Justin Timberlake as he was getting ready to go to the main stage to perform….thats when ‘Ye says he really got mad. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry Middle America, I’m sorry Red States…I just cant get with it.”