I think mixed martial arts is an amazing feat of endurance, skill, training and cojones. But this is more WWE than UFC. On Dec 12, in Birmingham, Alabama, DMX is going to be fighting Eric Martinez, an Arizona music entrepreneur, who happens to be part of DMX’s new management team. Right. Martinez does at least have one fight under his belt though, which he won.

What’s significant to note is that MMA is unregulated in Alabama…so, that’s why this level of sideshow atmosphere is allowed. MMA blogs point out that Thunder Promotions is unscrupulous and once even staged a fight featuring a quadruple amputee Kyle Maynard. (which if it were quadriplegic vs quadriplegic, would make sense, but it wasn’t. come on)

And as for the main event of “Alabama Pride,” its Butterbean Esch (who appeared on Jackass) vs Tank Abbot. Last year, Butterbean fought a guy named Pat Smith, and below, was the result. I’ll save you time: at 0:54 seconds, peep Butterbean’s killer roundhouse kick. And at 1:41, the beginning of the end. (well, technically, 0:00 was the beginning of the end)