dmx prayer

Even the sentence “DMX and Coolio perform together” is permeated with struggle. Yes, the troubled rappers held a concert in Dubai on Saturday night (Dec. 28), and the show took an unforeseen religious turn. Apparently catching the holy ghost, Earl Simmons went off on an impromptu prayer service while his “Gangster’s Paradise” counterpart held up his hands and looked just as possessed. “I can fight off the devil with the spoken word,” X barked. “I saw that I was heard, because no matter what I’ve been through I was still filled with the honor that comes with the blood of Jesus!”

Speak of the devil (pun intended), anyone remember when Coolio replaced DMX in a planned (but eventually cancelled) MMA fight four years ago? How random was that?

Watch the bizarre/biblical moment after the jump…

via Bossip

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