We first heard about the possibility of DMX appearing on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab while he was still in prison. That never happened but Dr. Drew finally got to DMX earlier this week. On his show Lifechangers, the doc was able to have some heart to heart convo with X. Earl revealed more details about his tough childhood, specifically the physical abuse he was subject to from his mother. (Thanks to B.Dot)

X also shared an incredible story about how he escaped from a medium security prison in Upstate New York in 1988.  Mind you, it was the middle of winter at the time. This dude really said he was inspired by the movie Runaway Train. Now he didn’t exactly go through some grueling task to break out but simply ran off the prison bus and into the woods.

Ultimately, Dr. Drew helps Earl understand how getting beat as a child really contributed to his problems as an adult.

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