dj premier

During an interview with Where’s My 40 Acres? at the 2013 A3C Hip-Hop Festival over the weekend, DJ Premier gave new hope to that long-prayed-for collaborative album between him and Nas. The legendary producer, who’s behind such classic Esco cuts like “N.Y. State of Mind,” “Nas Is Like” and “2nd Childhood,” assured fans that “it’s coming,” most likely after Nas’ next studio album when his contract with Def Jam expires. It’s not exactly confirmation per se, but we’ll take it.

It’s coming. I just saw him last week, it’s coming. He has another project to drop with Def Jam, and then he’s a free agent, so I’ll let him get that out. That will give me time to get my artists prepped and ready, so maybe we can all tour together.

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