DJ Khaled on ESPN's First Take

Now if this doesn’t qualify DJ Khaled as Miami Heat Fan of The Year, I don’t know what does. What could be more valuable to a sport franchise than a celebrity superfan who is so ride or die for the team that he’s willing to accuse their NBA championship rivals, The San Antonio Spurs, of a stadium-wide conspiracy to give the Miami team…heatstroke! Hahahaa! And the best part…Khaled accuses the Spurs of practicing without air-conditioning in preparation for their cramp-inducing AC-denial in Game 1…when asked how he knows this…Khaled cites the only source that matters. The Streets.

The NSA has nothing on The Streets. The Streets will find you if you commit freon-larceny against King James. You can’t run from The Streets.

Watch DJ Khaled’s epic rant for air-conditioning justice…
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DJ Khaled: “Imma keep it real. See ‘They Don’t Love You No More.‘ Know what I’m saying?”
Skip Bayless: “Yeah?”


Lebron James at the end of Game 1, being carried off because of heat-induced cramps