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Biggie over DJ Premier production was always a devastating combo (need a refresher? Revisit “Unbelievable,” “Kick In The Door” or “Rap Phenomenon.”) So in the same month that we commemorated his passing, DJ Finesse puts together B.I.G. Over Premier, a 22-track mixtape which pairs some of the BK MC’s classic verses over a selection of Premo’s finest beats. Cue ill mixes like “Juicy” over Nas’ “Nas Is Like,” “Long Kiss Goodnight” over Gang Starr’s “You Know My Steez” and “One More Chance” over The L.O.X.’s “Recognize.”

Stream B.I.G. Over Premier, plus Nas and Funky DL’s Jazzmatic remix mixtape, after the jump…

New Mixtape: DJ Finesse B.I.G. Over Premier


New Mixtape: Nas & Funky DL Jazzmatic

jazzmatic mixtape (1)

From one legendary MC to another. Funky DL blends some of Nas’ best catalog cuts, including “One Love,” “Made You Look” and “Rewind,” with ’30s-inspired jazz to create Jazzmatic. There’s a whole script to it, too:

Just imagine if this happened and picture the setting…

It’s the late 1930’s and local jazz club is packed to the brim with people awaiting the rapper Nas and his jazz musicians (orchestrated by Funky DL) along with featured artists to come and play a 10-track set to forever be remembered. The lights are dim and the hall is filled with smoke, whilst the clinking sound of champagne flutes ambiently gesture in the atmosphere. Nas and Funky DL are having their picture taken outside the club in an array of spotlights glaring from their vehicles (see artwork). Then it happens… The two step inside the club and “JAZZMATIC” erupts … All you have to do now is… “press play”…

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a phenomenal project and ask you to share this with as many hip-hip and good music fans as you can find.

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