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By Andy B. (@aboynamedandy)

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Dipset’s debut group album — one of the greatest group albums of the ’00s — Diplomatic Immunity, and there’s no better way for Killa Cam, Juelz, Jimmy Jones and Zeek to celebrate than by reuniting for a show in NYC tonight. But before you loose your ish to “Dipset Anthem,” “I Really Mean It” and especially “Bout It Bout It… Part III” at B.B. Kings later tonight (if you’re lucky, that is), there’s plenty of great knowledge from our friends around the ‘net to soak in. From the ways in which Dipset changed hip-hop, to the crew’s most notorious moments, and even some fun facts about Cam’ron, give it up for a decade of Diplomatic Immunity below.

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10 Ways Dipset Changed Hip-Hop (Complex)

They Pioneered the Artist-Driven Mixtapes of Today

G-Unit’s mixtape hustle is rightfully given credit for turning 50 Cent and his proteges into hip-hop superstars, paving the way for the mixtape game as it’s known today. But on the low, Dipset’s The Diplomats, Vol. 1 was actually released at the beginning of 2002, prior to 50 Cent is the Future’s June release.

Back when mixtapes were packed with different tracks from different artists, all given to one DJ, Dipset broke new ground and pushed their group on one release and sold it independently. It mixed industry freestyles with the group’s original material, and successfully pushed their new singles to radio.

Among these singles was a song called “Oh Boy,” which, of course, would go on to break Cam’ron as a national hip-hop star. Today, multiple artist-driven mixtapes drop per day; this was ground zero.

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Dipset’s 15 Most Notorious Moments (XXL)

Cam’ron Calls Bill O’Reilly “Doggie” (2004)

In 2004, Cam and Dame Dash appeared on The O’Reilly Factor in an attempt to defend Hip Hop against the belief that it only negatively influences young fans. We’re not really sure if the mission was accomplished. What started as a civil discussion quickly became a shouting match. Cam made some very valid points about parents needing to be more involved in the lives of their children and rappers only reporting what actually goes on in certain neighborhoods, but those points were overshadowed by Cam saying stuff like “I got dirt on you doggie.”

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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Cam’ron (Complex)

Here are our favorites:

When Cam’ron didn’t take rap seriously, Big L convinced him to.

When Ma$e introduced Cam’ron to Biggie, Biggie wanted to sign him. Cam wanted $250,000 to do it.

When Cam’ron tried to sell his house, real estate agents were so impressed with his interior decorating that they offered him a gig. He was quoted as saying, “I did one job for about $50K. I had a $100K budget and it turned out great.”

In high school, Cam’ron was a Top 25 All American basketball player (he claims that he used to son Rafer Alston and Stephon Marbury on the court)

Prior to Dipset’s temporary break-up, Jim Jones actually suggested that they break up just to make money from a reunion, but Cam dismissed the idea

Jim Jones says Kanye promised Cam’ron the “Izzo” beat, but gave it to Jay-Z. In turn, Kanye gave Cam the “Down and Out” beat for free

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“Snow So White, Only Thing Missin’ Is Seven Dwarfs…” (TSS)

It’s the Master P-assisted and inspired “Bout It” which reintroduced itself to my rotation several weeks ago. The record, the video, the lyrics, the presentation, it was all different. No one from New York embraced the South in the manner the Diplomats did. Where Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” with UGK become an undeniable hit, it was Cam and company who constantly made the effort to reach out to those below the Mason-Dixon Line – whether it be because they knew a cultural shift was on the horizon, they legitimately appreciated the music or a combination of the three. The sound of their music even drew influence at times from the South, much like that of the A$AP crew now.

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Babylon Cartel Presents The Diplomats – Diplomatic Immunity: The Samples (Mixtape) (Babylon Cartel)


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