I can’t wait to get a copy of producer/dj/raconteur/blackberryuser/subculturetourist Diplo’s new book, 128 Beats Per Minute. Just following him on twitter and reading his random rants has been amusing…and watching some of the video footage in this book trailer (via Urban Outfitters) gives you an idea of the many weird things Diplo has seen and done and possible ‘done.’ LOL. Thanks to his manager Kevin Kusatsu for passing this along.

Anyways, we’ve heard his recent work with Usher, and Azealia, and seen his love of booty-popping, etc…so you can also order the book, and check out Diplo’s recent chats with Complex and MTV.

Diplo talks about his Snoop Dogg reggae album (what?!), and more…
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Diplo talks to Brad Wete, Complex: (read in full here)

Most DJs are a bit selfish when it comes to finding records and different sounds. Do you ever share what you learn with other guys?

Yeah, that’s all I do. With Mad Decent we have people. [DJ] Lunice is a part of our crew now. He is a different sound for me and he is throwing me stuff. He’s been adding the new Major Lazer “Original Don” remix in his set. Definitely his style, but we made a version that we can play. He’s a whole different world for me, but I love what he does.

I’m older. I’m like 32. I feel like I’ve been through so many scenes of DJs. I started DJing 15, 17 years ago. When I was DJing, people rubbed the record label and credits off the vinyl until it was only white on the front so you can’t tell what the records are. And now they’ve invented this part of your Serato, which clears the songs that we are playing so people can’t steal. There’s that one level of mystery, which I still do that—I still have some secret records people don’t know about. I still definitely have those. But when it comes to exposing new music, I’m definitely out there. That’s like most of the appeal of coming to see me and my shows, because I am playing all kinds stuff across the board.

So you just can’t be a random dude can roll up and be like, “What’s that?”

I mean, if they ask me, I’ll tell them. If anybody is excited about my music, that’s all I care about. I care about people who are excited about new music. You meet a lot of people even today that are kind of like closed minded. They don’t like house music. They don’t like dubstep. I like all those things and I try to combine everything. I see the value in every kind of music, even country.

I worked on a record with Snoop Dogg and he wants to put Willie Nelson on one of the songs. He loves Willie Nelson. They already recorded a record for Willie and he wants to throw one on the next record. I love that idea. I hate people who are just like, “I don’t really do that because of their style.” They feel some certain way. That’s the goal with my career as a DJ, to fight against that narrow-mindedness.

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