Diddy promised some big announcements and moves for 2012. His recent interview with AdWeek has us all waiting on what the shiny suit man will do next. But until then, check out Puff’s interview with DJ Whoo Kid. Bad Boy’s founder spoke on the supposed black cloud that people say lingers around his label, the new diddy and his original Biggie/Ross Comparisons.

Diddy on critics giving Bad Boy a bad reputation
“Just regular hate and people on some not understanding how this industry works. This is a hard industry, this is not for kids, this is not for the weak. This is not a PG rated industry. If you are weak you will get eaten alive in this industry. This industry has a life expectancy of like two years.”

“It started a couple of years ago with what happened with this artist, why isn’t this artist still on the label, why isn’t that artist on the label, so people started to give us a bad rap. Honestly, nobody that was on Def Jam still on Def Jam nobody on Rocafella still on Rocafella. We’re the last people standing.”

Diddy on his original comments about Ross being the Biggie of the South
“For the record, that isn’t what I said…I said on the “Angels” verse I think he channeled Biggie that night and a lot of MC’s, they channel Biggie in some of their verses. That doesn’t mean your comparing somebody to them. I may have said something like he was the Biggie of the South because I was there, I knew the effect Biggie was having.”

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