Diddy at the 2:15 mark: “Yeah, we taking this s–t back to Puff and Mase.
*somewhere an 80’s babies sobs quietly*

So many moments of entertainment here on this “BMF” videoshoot footage…
perhaps it’s Khaled’s marathon shoutouts,
perhaps it’s the way that Diddy pulls up in his New Jack City jeep, and attempts to communicate with a full set of bottom fronts (not easy),
perhaps it’s when Diddy gifts Rawse with a big hunk of diamond timepiece,
perhaps it’s the 2:55 mark, when I said “who?”, [update: oops! lol!]
maybe it’s the happiness that I feel watching Styles P get his shine on a big flashy feature…..
but I already know that many of my guy friends will only remember the brief glimpses of Cassie, shorn and blonded, counting money like a stashhouse pro.

(thanks to 57thAve for sending the clip)

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