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(Diddy and Dirty Money performing at the BET Awards with an overactive fog machine)

Last week, 50 Cent performed in Boston, and between songs, he cracked some jokes and then targeted Diddy:

how many of y’all are f–kin with Puffy. Hello. Good M’oning. F–k that n–a.

And that wasn’t Fif’s only stab at Puff. During a radio interview in Hartford, CT, 50 says:

[Diddy’s] not an artist. An artist would be somebody that actually wrote something…when that’s not there because they’re being an executive, saying you don’t write rhymes you write checks, that’s not hot. For hip-hop, that’s not hot…

Well…Diddy performed at the BET Awards and then showed up on the post-show “party” to make sure Ciroc was blanket-branded all over the place…but he also shared some parting words that seemed directed at 50 Cent…

watch Diddy’s subliminal shot, as well as his Dirty Money performance…
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Here is a clip of Diddy’s subliminal towards 50 Cent during the BET Awards “afterpary” (via twitterfam SaluteCharlie):

I love my people lets stop the hate, congratulate, hate is for suckas. if you hatin’, then you’se a sucka, you’re ashy and your breath stick. And you know who I’m talking to, you hatin’ ass crab.

And 50 Cent’s anti-Puff sentiment from last week in Boston, posted below….

um….so wait…why are these two guys beefing again? I’m not sure if something recently happened to make 50 target Puff. But I’m surprised Diddy didn’t go off on the BET smoke machine…the entire first minute of his BET performance was covered in smog. LOL.

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