What is it about club LIV in Miami that brings out the worst in people? Something aggro in the air at the legendary romper room of cut-out lycra dresses, white slacks, and indoor sunglasses…we’ve heard of fights involving Lebron’s mom, Teyana Taylor, and more. But on Sunday night, the massive Miami club was packed for DJ Khaled’s birthday party, and according to the rumor mill, Drake and Diddy had a physical altercation. This comes during the same weekend where Drake was accused by Chris Brown of having an affair with his now-ex-girlfriend Karrueche while he was in prison. (Drake sources seem to have planted a denial via TMZ)

Here’s what we know vs. what is being speculated…

We compared what was reported on Twitter from partygoers and in the tabloids…to what our source at the party told us:

— Tension in the Room: Everybody loves DJ Khaled. But everyone hates everyone else. Khaled had folks like Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Miguel and more onstage with him, taking turns hyping up the crowd on the mic, and praising Khaled himself, the birthday boy. Meanwhile, on the lower level of the club, Lil Wayne had a table. And very separately, Birdman had a table. Weezy went public last week with his gripes with his longtime father figure, Birdman. On the entrance level, Diddy was holding court at his own table. While Puff often rolls with a presidential-sized entourage, our source says he had an unusually large crew of serious fellows with him, the sort that are more war-ready than primed for party time.

— The Cassie Factor: Early tweets after the “fight” included a stupid fire-on-the-flame tweet from comedian Lil Duval, who said “I heard Diddy swung on Drake for saying hello to Cassie.” He later admitted he “made that sh-t up.” Thanks, dude. Either way, it would be hard for anyone to flirt with Cassie because she was fully enveloped in Puff’s man-moat of security guards.

— Was There Contact?: Our source witnessed Drake and his crew moving near Diddy’s table, around 4am. There was a lot of commotion, pushing and shoving…but our source says it seems unlikely that Drake and Diddy ever got close enough to touch because of all the crew in between. But Diddy was highly agitated, even picking up a bottle to wave around. This seems to be his signature move…if you remember reports of him picking up a champagne bottle during the MTV VMA afterparty incident with J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar? And the old Steve Stoute champagne bottling of 1999? But afterwards Drake and crew left the club, and a few minutes later Diddy and crew left.

But…there were some tweets that claim a separate fight happened outside of LIV.

@DJAce_LL: “I witness @Drake get slapped by @iamdiddy outside the back of LIV with my own eyes.”

Also, Rick Ross’ DJ, Sam Sneaker attempted his own stand-up routine with tweets¬†(devoid of any specific qualification of time or place): “Drake at the hospital SMH” “Diddy put his hands on that boy…And he ain’t go 0-100…that boy left [sleep emoji]” “N—a caught a 3-piece…[crying laughing emoji x 2]”

Really? 3 hits…like, in a row? You’re sure?

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.56.32 AM

— Motive?: So here’s the bottom line…the only thing we feel confident about here is that there was a confrontation between Drake and Diddy at LIV. This may have continued outside. But it was not because of any Cassie disrespect. So…is there a musical dispute that we don’t know about? Diddy doesn’t really play into Drake’s ongoing on-again-off-again-back-on-again beef with Chris Brown. Perhaps Diddy is looking to help Lil Wayne get asylum from Cash Money, but again, that wouldn’t involve Drake. So maybe there was a request for an appearance or a feature that Drake turned down? And perhaps Diddy feels owed a favor after appearing with Mase at Drake’s OVO Fest (which was maybe more of a good look for Diddy and Mase than vice versa)?

We will let you know if there are any more public developments or subliminal disses on the subject. But leave it to a heartbroken Chris Brown to add his response to the news of the Drake vs Diddy altercation, apropos of nothing (via BallerAlert):