There’s a lot of over-sharing in the Age of ‘Kanye Loves Kim Kardashian’ that we now live in…but that’s to be expected when you bring together two enormously famous and visually-exploratory celebrities in a mutually consenting photo orgy of non-stop dress up. And daily frozen yogurt expeditions. Just yesterday, Kim instagramed the above photo of the KimYe two-headed monster. And Kanye not only inserted Kim in his latest video, but he’s fully onboard as a bit player for her family’s reality tv franchise, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (more on that later).

But do you believe that Kanye really updated his 8 million twitter followers on successfully bonking with his curvaceous ladyfriend last night?

A screengrab is circulating of a supposed NSFW tweeted-then-deleted statement by Kanye. And lots of folks are falling for it.
But….here’s why we don’t buy it.

Kanye’s alleged not-so-humblebrag…
After the jump…


So here’s why we don’t believe it.
1) Any real screengrab that is meant to catch someone out there, would include the timestamp that shows up right under the retweet and favorite stats.
2) The screengrab says there were 7,410 retweets of Kanye’s TMI tweet. But at the time that the uproar started, our very own Mr. North searched for “@KanyeWest” and there were no physical retweets from Kanye’s followers. Only retweets of the screengrab. This is probably the most telling sign of photoshop f**kery.
3) The tweet allegedly happened around 10pm EST. Which would be around 4pm Hawaii time, right? That’s prime froyo time.
4) Kanye didn’t “@” his boo. Kim’s taught him better than that.
5) The tweet didn’t include bedsheet threadcount. Kanye’s taught us better than that.

In other KimYe happenings. The couple added to their nutritional pyramid with some Mickey D’s. Ye has influenced Kim’s style. And Kim has demystified Ye’s diet.
Also, Kim K. shared photos from a Hype Williams shoot and said the look was inspired by Diana Ross. But I can’t help but think it looks a bit “Ganguro Girl”…yet another 90’s extreme street style from Japan ; )

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