From Eskay….interesting about how Hov wants to make a movie to go with his album, which is already going with another movie, which is probably as good as it could possibly get. (head scratch)

And Elliot….who will have an indepth piece on Hov in an upcoming issue of XXL. I love the tidbit about Jay-Z’s lines for DeHaven and Beybey. Hov was on one of the first ever artists to be on an XXL cover. We shot him in a bank I believe.

And the mainstream press…just google, “Jay-Z” “American Gangster”…you’ll find them : )

I doubt I’ll be invited to any tea parties chez Hov but that’s a longer story that maybe I’ll detail one day…or not, lol….

But I’m still a fan of most of his oeuvre, and I cant wait to hear the album when it comes out.