verrry interesting. Thanks to Sarah from 105.9 for sending over this morning’s audio of Joe Budden on Ed Lover’s show addressing his gripes with Vibe’s Best Rappers playoff bracket.

It all started when Joe and Joell debated the efficacy of the battle on youtube:

Well, today, Joe said in no uncertain terms: “I will cut that dude’s head off his shoulders…and to whoever’s listening…google me, if all you know is ‘pump pump pump it up.'”

Joe Budden on Ed Lover part 1

Joe Budden on Ed Lover part 2

Then Method Man called in to respond. But the fundamental miscommunication seemed to be in the meaning of the challenge. Joe felt that he was confidently standing up for his lyrical skills. Meth felt that Joe was disrespecting him outside the music, and…even making a threat against his livelihood?

Method Man responds to Joe on Ed Lover

debate and discuss. is this a case of two emcees, on two very different levels, speaking at each other but not understanding each other? Are either or both wrong….Joe in the start, Meth at the end? And…is it ever wrong to voice your opinion? Should Joe learn how to voice his opinion more diplomatically? Or is that a slippery slope that too many social-butterfly celebs already slide on. (Then there’s the very base issue: who really would win a lyrical battle)


Melle Mel has posted his response…after the jump