Miss Info: It’s no secret that I’m unhealthily obsessed with Bane from the Dark Knight Rises movie. I’m into that whole muffled and ambiguous accent, the protector deathwish, and the clothes, those amazing clothes, lol. The homie NCB caught my Bane iphone screensaver and was thoroughly disgusted…but what other villain wears custom-made Belstaff motocross jackets and 3/4-length shearlings? Riddle me that! (ok, wrong bad guy.)

Anyways, my favorite procrastination tool for today has been 1) the “Twerking To Indie Music” Tumblr…and 2) this Bane Soundboard.

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I wish the Bane Soundboard was embeddable, but it’s not…so click HERE to enjoy.

I will show you where I’ve made my home, whilst preparing to bring justice. Then I will break you.
You think darkness is your ally. You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it.

Here’s some interesting detail from Dark Knight Rises’ costume designer Lindy Hemming, about the inspirations for Bane’s moto jacket and shearling, via GQ:

GQ: Tell me about Bane’s jackets, specifically the shearling coat…
Lindy Hemming: It was the first coat in our research of military wear, the type people would wear in Eastern Europe or Northern Pakistan, where [mercenaries] find military surplus and wear it. I found a fantastic shearling Swedish winter coat, which their army wears, and we used that as our first model. [The Dark Knight Rises director] Chris Nolan thought there was an element about Bane that was of the French Revolution. There was kind of a romanticism about him, as well as being very bad. [laughs] So I tried to combine the jacket with a French Revolutionary-style high-standing collar, which goes up and then comes back down…

GQ: What about the piece that Bane’s wearing in the movie posters? We think it looks like a Belstaff Roadmaster jacket—a piece that’s going to be really big this fall. How close are we?
Lindy Hemming: They made it [laughs]. It wasn’t an identical jacket, but we took a whole load of details and asked them if they would make it. The jacket we originally liked, I think, was a waxed jacket by Barbour, but it was too thin and we only had one. So for the Belstaff jacket, we painted [the hardware], because we didn’t want to have any metal studs showing…
If you’ve ever seen European mercenaries, they’re all like that—they have a waxed cotton or old combat jacket that’s become oily and greasy. Imagine it’s not a Belstaff jacket, but a green combat jacket covered in oil and worn in jeeps and tanks…

Screen shot 2012-08-17 at 6.16.40 PM

Oh…and about that “Twerking to Indie Music” Tumblr…there goes your next 30-45 minutes.

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