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Yep, Dame’s still got it. The famously outspoken rap mogul is currently being sued for $1 million by the mother of his 22-year-old son, Linda Williams, but didn’t leave the courthouse without barking on the media last week. Dame accused the reporters covering his case (specifically those from the New York Daily News) of being racist Republicans who only write about black men in a negative light. He recorded the whole thing on his iPhone and promised that “just as many people that are going to see this are going to see you.”

Why don’t you guys ever write about the good stuff about a black man? Why? Because you’re a racist Republican paper. That’s why. And I know it’s killing you that Obama’s in office. I know it’s killing you. And I know it kills you that you went to college to write for a paper that’s not credible.

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“There will def be some stupid shit in the paper in the next couple of days….the New York post and daily news are some racist mother fuckers they always try to make a black man look crazy unless he is a corporate puppet….I ll show you the scumbag writers after they put this stupid story up…so much court for nothing”

[via The BoomBox]

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