The man blamed for Michael Jackson’s death had his final day in court earlier this afternoon. He was sentenced to four year in prison but due to overcrowding Murray will serve his time in LA County jail. Also to his benefit, the doctor could only end up serving less than half of his time. It’s been reported that most sentences differed to LA County jail are cut in half.

Murray’s lawyers gave this statement: “Yes, of course [Judge Pastor] was harsh. He gave the stiffest penalty he was entitled to give under the law,” Murray’s attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, told reporters. “He was openly hostile. … [Murray has] led 56 years of exemplary life. He was really dreading [sentencing]. I think anybody would dread going into it. He’s an honorable man, and he’ll get through this. The family is suffering more than Dr. Murray is. … Dr. Murray is the provider in that family.”

More on Lil Boosie’s drug charges and Loon’s recent heroin case after the jump…

Boosie has been making headlines from jail over the last 2 years. While awaiting trial for various murder charges, the Baton Rouge rapper racked up multiple drug offenses after he was caught trying to smuggle narcotics into prison. Today, Boosie met his fate and was hit with 8 years in jail for his crimes.

“Local TV station WFAB reports that District Judge Mike Erwin passed down the sentence after Boosie admitted that he tried to smuggle drugs into Louisiana’s Dixon Correctional Center and Angola State Penitentiary. Upon hearing his sentence, the 29-year-old rapper requested admittance to a drug rehab program, and while the judge agreed to recommend treatment, he wouldn’t order it. Boosie will receive credit for the time he has already served behind bars.”

He still faces murder charges.

This former Bad Boy rapper also caught a tough break over the holiday weekend. Chauncey Hawkins aka Loon was recently arrested in Brussells over an old Heroin trafficking case from ’06. The rapper converted to Islam a few years back and was said to be living a new life overseas. Well, it looks like his checkered past finally caught up to him.

He is currently being held in custody in the States.