Nile at youheardthatnew and Danica from Sohh posted some lovely video from last nights screening…..I’m sure there will be more to come. I would have had full audio of the Q&A to share if it weren’t for some folks….ahem…on whom I’m not gonna waste my emotional energy on right now. But big up to my friend Rik, one of my favorite artists Nas, and the many people there that I have much love for (chris atlas, pecas, nancy, brady, tracy, ang, enuff, ebro, eskay, laura, sha, jay, reef, tip, sav, steve etc etc). Goodtimes. Interesting discussion. Open bar. Great people. The video will be out soon, the album cover is all over the place, and here were some of the comments….

Before the video….(from youheardthanew)

After the video….(from sohh)Click more to see more video clips from youheardthanew….