(L.A. Times sports reporter Melissa Rohlin catches up with Ron Artest, a.k.a. Metta World Peace, as he kicks off a stand-up comedy tour at the Improv in West Hollywood on Friday July 8, 2011.)

Well, with the NBA lock out still in effect, basketball fans are nervous. Players are already rumored to be seeking positions on foreign teams. High profile players and NBA officials have been trying to iron out details surrounding contracts and player compensation for months but recently failed to come to an agreement. While we still have plenty of time before the NBA season is scheduled to start, the next one starting on time is highly questionable.

But NBA ballers are finding plenty of ways to keep busy, I mean Paul Pierce is hitting the poker tables, sh*t even exiled New Yorker Stephon Marbury is finding ways to stay relevant. I mean, the guy Jay-Z made famous for getting robbed is getting a frickin statue of himself in Coney Island. The end times are near, my friend.

after theĀ  jump check out what Boston Celtics Delonte West and Kobe Bryant have been doing in their spare time…

Video produced by Melissa Rohlin and Nathan Olivarez-Giles of the Los Angeles Times.

When he’s not busy running around with a certain player’s mom or toting heavy artillery, Boston Celtics Delonte West is dropping freestyles. Just don’t tell NBA commissioner David Stern. – VIBE

Bow Wow plays Kobe Bryant 1 on 1 loses a 1000$. Kobe donates it to his Campers. Jermaine Dupri also makes an appearance