Now for round three. Consequence called into Hot 97 on Thursday afternoon to talk with Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff on his run-in with Joe Budden earlier this week. We’ve previously heard from Tahiry and Joe regarding the confrontation during VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop NY reunion show on Tuesday. He speaks on the fight, how Joe Budden’s recent interview with ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller fueled the attack, and breaks down Joe’s retaliation later that day.

“Let me tell you what happened. I come outside, they got cameras all out when I’m leaving out. ‘Yo Consequence, that’s effed up what you did.’ Snuffs me. Boom. [Joe] runs. ‘Come here fat boy, let’s get it rocking!’ So I got my hands up, let’s get it. Security holding me back, son run up on me. Boom boom boom, we tussling. Here comes Joe. ‘Oh, this is you, aight cool, let’s go!’ Boom boom boom. That’s where, when you seen the footage, I get up, I’m laughing.”

Cons also mentions he’s in possesion of Joe Budden’s cellphone and alleges he found some interesting conversations on there.

Listen to Consequence sound off, and read what he allegedly found in Joey’s phone below……

“Now here’s what I wanted to share with you, since he decided to call you. Joe, I guess because he was so excited. He left his phone at the crime scene. First text, it’s from Raqi Thunda. ‘You alright?’ Oh wow, I thought you guys was enemies. Hmm, a little fishy here.

Then there’s somebody named Derrick. And Derrick is basically saying, ‘Don’t do anything stupid, we’re hanging on by thin thread. I’ll come see you after the reunion. I love you and I miss you.’ And I guess he must have told Derrick, ‘Hey, why don’t you come to London Wednesday?’ And then there’s emoticons of an engagement ring and a baby… and here’s the thing, I was so disgusted I broke the phone. I still got proof, don’t get it twisted.”

Audio: Consequence Talks Joe Budden Fight with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff (3-14-2012)

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