Mikey: There’s no turning back now for Consequence. For months, we’ve been hearing that Cons had some sort of falling out with his long time friend and collaborator Kanye West. Once an active member of the G.O.O.D. Music family, the Queens born rapper was left off many of the crew’s recent records (his last time working with Ye was “My Chain Heavy”) and functions. And things got even worse, when Consequence accused Pusha of biting one of his songs.

We heard Cons mention a line about the situation on “Man Purses” : “my crew aint been the same since Amber Rose and Taylor Swift”, with little else on the matter. But now, judging from this trailer, it seems like Cons is trying to air out his grievances?

He says all be addressed on his next release Movies On Demand 3.

Missinfo: uh oh. Footage of Amber x Kanye. Amber x Wiz. “Some things are out of our control.” “Where were you when I needed you”-playing the background. What is going on here? Is Cons accusing Amber of being some kind of Yoko Ono? “It’s a dirty game.” Images of Hov? This is troublesome. But I’m on wait-and-see mode. I just hope that once the insinuations are made, the final product doesn’t sidestep them.

Read Consequence explain it in his own words after the jump…

Cons says:

“The World Is Watching…

I use to hear the term “TroubleMaker” and equate it as something negative. I now regard it as a term of endearment. With that being said, if what you’re about to witness makes me a “TROUBLEMAKER” then indeed… It’s time to start some TROUBLE. The moments depicted in this clip have been in front of US all along. I hate to be the “Bearer of Bad News” but ‘Movies On Demand 3’ will be the MOST CONTROVERSIAL project that Hip-Hop has seen in some time.”