Well, Cons finally gives his full explanation on why he called out Pusha for jacking his rhymes on “My God.” I guess I see his point, but by Cons’ standards every rapper is pretty much a biter. I can’t call it. Guess, we’ll have to wait until Cons puts his song out, which he says he will add as an iTunes bonus for the official release of Movies On Demand 2. (via KarmaloopTV)

“When I was rolling with that team, I had record called “Last Supper” that Kanye wanted me to get Pusha to do a verse one when ‘everything was everything’.

So naturally I gave him my record, him, being at the time my labelmate. Not to mention, I’ve known Pusha longer than I’ve known Kanye, for the record. Because I’ve known Pharrell longer than pretty much anyone who is a relevant artist.”

So during the course of the last couple months, there’s been a lot of things that happened, the BET Cipher, me putting out “Man Purses”, me doing “Chain Heavy”, me doing “Suit And Tie Theory”. So I always thought in the back of my mind about that record because I said Ye and Cudi’s name in it and because of what had transpired I felt as though it was a record that needed to stay in the itunes library.

When Movies on Demand 2 dropped, of course I get a bunch of traffic, bunch of steam, bunch of buzz. So XXL asks me to do a track by track breakdown of the project, so I oblige. Feb 12th they post it. I’m looking on the site and I see “My God” in the Bangers section. I’m listening to the “My God” joint and off the rip I definitely wasn’t trying to look for anything.

The beat’s good, the first verse cool,’he doing his Pusha thing word!’, so we get to the through to the second verse and I hear “It’s the last supper for you n*ggas just the picture repainted.”

So I’m like hold up, my record had went “Cudi got the kids, Cons got the streets, Ye got the globe, so we all going to eat it’s the last supper for you muthafuckas, I don’t make a promise I can’t keep.”

Cons goes on to explain that Pusha’s “it’s the last supper for you muthafuckas” is too close to his line “It’s the last supper for you n*ggas.”