Kanye West Yeezus

By Andy B. (@aboynamedandy)

Like we weren’t not going to give this guy his very own list. It goes without saying that Kanye West was pretty fucking busy in 2013. But even after following his every little release, every little rant and every little punch-up with the paparazzi these past 12 months (you know you love it), it’s still astonishing to look back and see just how ubiquitous Mr. West was this last calendar year.

Dropped his sixth consecutive No. 1 album, and one of the most polarizing pieces of music of the last few years? Check. Welcomed his first child into the world and proposed — in shamelessly extravagant style — to his celebrity girlfriend? Yep. Toured the country with our lord and savior Jesus Christ? You’re goddamn right.

Even when you throw in the adidas deal, that “Bound 2” video and those seemingly endless rants and radio interviews, you’ve still only got a fraction of Ye’s unprecedented year. After tirelessly digging through the blog archives, here we present to you The Complete Kanye West List of 2013.