(fyi…for all my hardcore hip hop heads, this is not really for you…but I got some fun celebrity romance gossip for everyone else today…I just gotta finish up at the station,
and then I’ll post it : )EDIT: ok, now that I’m finally finished with work today (ugh)…now I can rewrite this properly so its not the messy post that it was. Apologies…)

Today was an eventful one….

I met with a old pal who worked on a recent video shoot for Ciara and 50 Cent. (We all know that Ciara worked with 50 on a song called “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone”, its on her new album.)

Now if you remember, a couple months ago, there were rumors in the NYC tabloids about Ciara being spotted with 50 Cent in Lefrak, Qns of all places….she was seen waiting in his Phantom, blahdy blah blah…..and honestly, I dismissed those rumors the same way most people did. (um, why would 50 need to go to Lefrak of all places…that’s no where near Southside Jamaica, and its certainly not the new trendy datespot, lol)

Anyways, ever since then, I kept hearing little tidbits here and there….Ciara and 50 spotted looking cozy on tour….Ciara talking to 50 on the phone…yadda yadda yadda. Even, one of my famous co-workers noticed a little nervousness on Ciara’s part when asked about a certain Curtis Possibly-Not-Interscope-For-Much-Longer Jackon : )

So, back to the unedited video footage that I peeped on the low. I couldnt take it with me (I wish, lol) so I’ll just have to describe it from memory:

-shots of Ciara in a skin-tight Herve Leger bandage dress

-shots of Ciara strutting in tiny yellow bootyshorts and a bikini top (I’m not used to seeing her in such revealing gear…the shorts with heels outfit reminded me of “Crazy in Love” nahmean? lol)

-shots of Ciara and 50 Cent all dressed up on a classy date

-but the headbanger was…..(this footage I had to rewind four or five times)…alot of steamy scenes featuring a chest-naked 50 Cent caressing (and being caressed by) an equally bare-from-the-waist-up Ciara. At times Ciara was rubbing 50’s huge pectoral muscles. Other times, 50 was stroking her bare back….the whole time, 50 and Ciara are wrapped in each other arms, lips to necks….definitely all looking alot more intimate than two business collaborators or two platonic pals would ever get.

When was the last time, two artists got that intimate (bare chest to bare breast?!) on video? Andre and Erkyah Badu, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, J-Lo and Diddy….lol, notice a pattern? (Hell, Jay n Bey been dating/engaged/married for years and the most they did on video were performance scenes, right?)

Now before all you commentors get upset…yes, obviously just because two celebs do a duet, does not mean that they’re dating. And just because a female star and a male star appear in the same video, that doesn’t mean they’re dating either (ie. Beyonce and Usher, Beyonce and Sean Paul, Mary J Blige and Nas, DMX and Eve, Jay-Z and Foxy, Eve andum…well, you get the idea). And as for the rumors linking Ciara with producer Polow Da Don, I doubt it. But nobody is saying Ciara and 50 are married or even exclusive, I’m just saying something is poppin, lol, wink wink….

Pretty sure that Ciara will deny that she and 50 are more than just friends. I’m not sure what 50 will say, sinced he’s one of the realest and brutally honest people I’ve ever dealt with…but he may want to play low-pro for now because Ciara is not like Vivica, there is real potential here.)

But all I can say is this: I wouldn’t suggest that 50 and Ciara are dating if all I had to go on was a couple stolen peeks at an upcoming music video : )

Here are my celebrity drama reports from tonite, addressing what I saw/heard from a secret insider who worked on Ciara’s new video “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” (featuring 50 Cent)…I’ll share more details soon….and I’m trying to get a clip from the actual video.

8pm’s report….

[audio:02 cd1-ciara50.mp3]

9pm’s report….

[audio:03 cd2-ciara50.mp3]

10pm’s report….

[audio:04 cd3-kimbuck.mp3]

Here is the actual Ciara song featuring 50 Cent song….