Continuing their in-depth conversation after premiering his new single, Chris Brown and L.A. Power 106’s Big Boy had a man-to-man chat on a few topics. First up, the ever-popular infamous raft scenario. Here Chris has to decide between Rihanna and Karrueche as to who he saves from drowning and which person gets left behind. After giving an answer, the two touch lightly touched on the NYC nightclub brawl with Drake’s camp and just moving forward from the incident.

Another big name that came up was Jay-Z. Chris opens up about his recent encounter with Jay-Z during his Barclays Center concert in October, an event which Brown went as a guest of Rihanna‘s. Rumors have swirled regarding Jay pulling Brown to the side mentioning he’d “end his career” if history repeats itself regarding RiRi. While some would think there’s bad blood between the two, Chris says all was cordial when they caught up for a brief moment.

“It was like a green room backstage, he comes says what’s up to everybody. And it was cordial ‘what’s up man how you doing?’, ‘nice seeing you I ain’t seen you in a minute,’. It was real respectful, it was nothing like that. I went to the [Barclays] Center to see the show. People like to take it and run with it because they have nothing else, there’s no feud.”

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