(thanks to Mike Fresh for the heads up)

Love how Chris masters the hug/slice manuever so well….to Terrence “You Read?” and “That was so original! All of the videos on BET, none of them look alike!”…..

“My favorite R&B singer….is Lou Rawls.”

“I’m broke….I’m on 106 n Park, right….People don’t know, I’m replacing Rozzi [sic…come’on, man]. (Terrance: Is that an upgrade or downgrade?)….I love BET. I used to watch your father AJ on this show…he’s proud of you. Your moms Free is a little sad. She wants you to go back to college.”

(But note to Mr Rock….you need to get out of Alpine, NJ more often…yes, there are plenty of Asian-American fans in the hip hop world…even ones willing to stand in line outside of Black Entertainment Television, lol. I’m surprised at his surprise….)