Chris Brown appeared in court in LA for sentencing after pleading guilty to felony assault back in June. And the parameters of his punishment was pretty much detailed back then, so not much seemed different in today’s ruling.

Here are the details:

-Chris will do 180 days (6 months) of hard labor:

NOTE…he’ll be doing that labor at the Commonwealth Catholic Charities in Richmond, VA, so he’ll be close to home.

-Chris will enroll in a 52-week domestic violence class:

NOTE…I can’t imagine that you’re allowed to miss many sessions of this year-long class. So that shuts down alot of touring.

-Chris will also have 5 years felony probation:

NOTE…this means that he is subject to searches 24 hours a day, he is not allowed to own any guns or knives, and he has to check in with the court every 3 months. He also has to get permission to leave the country…..All of this stands for the next 5 years.

-Chris and Rihanna still have a strict order of protection that prohibits both proximity and contact...According to TMZ’s report, the Judge ordered that Chris and Rihanna not speak to each other in person or by phone, even through a 3rd party (!?)….and that the 100-yard rule still stands. Again, that means Rihanna and Chris can not even say hello for the next 5 years. (*what about email?)

NOTE: this part is interesting because Rihanna’s lawyer requested that the order be reduced from a stay-away order (which means that the two can not be within 100 yards of each other, 10 yards at an event) to a protective order (which would mean that Chris must not harrass her)….instead it seems that both the stay-away and the protective order are in effect.

Now Judge Schnegg’s strictness in this matter may be a result of the fact that she knew Chris and Rihanna were at the same place recently: The AP quotes Schnegg, “I am not amused with the chatter that has been on the airwaves and any violation of your probation in this case comes with the potential for state prison,

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