(Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran during happier times)

Sucks to be Karrueche tonight….
You’re stuck in a New York hotel room, while the whole world tweets and retweets about your boyfriend Chris Brown reuniting with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna for a not-so-private date night at the Jay-Z concert...just 20minutes away.

But then again, even with all the kissy-face instagrams, and private jets, and shopping trips….this very pretty girl’s fairy-tale romance has probably sucked for a long time. Whether she’s realized it, or not.

While Chris and Rihanna were on the way to the Barclay Center (around 8pm), Karrueche tweeted,”Bye Baby.”

Doubtful…but I guess…vocalizing it is a good first step.

Check out photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s date night at Barclay Center…
Photos of them partying last night in NYC’s Meatpacking District…
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(Chris and Rihanna sitting in the VIP section at Jay-Z’s 6th Barclay Center show. Via Elliott Wilson)

Chris Brown was caught leaving Rihanna’s hotel room on Tuesday night. (Photo Via INFphoto.com)

Just a month after Rihanna announced to Oprah that she still loves Chris Brown (basically throwing up a booty-call bat signal)….Chris and Rihanna are hooking back up without a care in the world…
They did the same thing back when they were recording those two songs in February, 2012
And it’s going to keep happening…until there’s no more illicit dangerous hot interesting newness to it. When it just becomes two folks in a room, with nothing to rebel against any more.
Rihanna doesn’t have to worry about Chris putting his hands on her …he’s probably learned that lesson. But maybe he’s still capable of being abusive in a relationship, if you look at how he’s treating his doormat, Karrueche. She’s part of the problem, obviously…but Chris is still the majority owner of this dirtbaggery.

(Chris Brown and Rihanna at Griffin nightclub in NYC this week. Via TMZ)

According to tabloids, sources at the Griffin spotted Chris and Rihanna openly canoodling. Duh.
Here are photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna both leaving her NYC hotel, The Gansevoort…after their party time. Allegedly, Karrueche was waiting at Chris’ hotel. Yeesh. That’s pretty raunchy, even by celeb standards.

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