(Chris Brown and Tyga at Cameo nightclub, before the alleged phone-snatching. Chris was seen partying with girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Photo: World Red Eye)

Ever since we started hearing about the Rihanna x Chris romantic reunion and remix duets….there has been loud debate about whether Chris Brown deserves redemption. From a legal standpoint he’s earned it: fulfilling all his court-mandated counseling and community service, etc. But from a personal standpoint, there seems to be some persistent behavior that is cause for concern. I guess all the scrutiny and the vocal criticism would be stressful for anyone. But Chris’ reaction to that pressure is the achilles heel that keeps wearing away at his image. There are his tweet ragers, and his Good Morning America ragers, and his back-n-forth arguments with wrestlers and country singers.

And now there’s Christal Spann, a 24-year-old woman in Miami who claims that she took a photo of Chris and Tyga as they left Club Cameo on Sunday night. When Chris spotted her, she alleges that he snatched her iphone out of her hands, said, “Bitch, you’re not gonna put that on no websites,” and drove off.

Was a photo of him with Tyga that important to keep off the internets? If it were Chris, leaving with Rihanna, I would maybe understand his paranoia. But there are so many photos of CB with Tyga out in the world. Also, why not just take the 2 seconds to erase the photo and then hand back the woman’s phone? Am I being too rational? Yes. I was probably being too rational on “Celebrity Drama” last night too.

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Where the hell is this woman’s phone? Is it still sitting in the cupholder of Brown’s Bentley? According to NBC:

Police responded at 4:43 a.m. They listed the offense as a “robbery by sudden snatching,” and said the incident would be further investigated.

Police said the state attorney’s office is preparing the arrest warrant for Brown. Tyga wasn’t implicated, they said. Authorities say they don’t believe Brown in still in Miami.

But could this “sudden snatching” be a probation violation? According to TMZ:

According to the police report, Chris then rolled up his window and drove off — $500 iPhone in hand.

A rep for the Miami Beach PD tells us, no arrests have been made and no warrant has been issued yet. We’re told the incident is currently under investigation.

BTW, Chris is still on probation for the Rihanna beating and if he’s arrested he could be thrown in jail on a probation violation.

Which reminds me of one point that WWE Wrestler CM Punk made when he visited the Hot97 Morning Show….clearly he’s benefiting from the publicity of this beef, but he makes sense here:

Watch more of CM Punk with Ciph, Rosenberg and Kay Foxx:

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