Chris Brown. Meek Mill. Drake. They have something in common. They’ve all planted their flag in a fertile landmark. Ok, I’m talking about Rihanna. They’ve all dated Rihanna. There. I said it.

Over the weekend, this shared conquest sparked drama when Chris Brown found out that Meek Mill (despite this denial) has been messing with his ex- RiRi. He then removed Meek Mill from his upcoming single “Don’t Judge Me.”
Meek reacted by tweeting (and then deleting) this:


I’m not familiar with “watch the throne” as a sexual euphemism, but we get the point…and Chris Brown did too. He immediately responded:


Of course, Meek Mill fired back….
and even Drake jumped in on the twitter beef action (the second time he’s done so in a week!)
But somehow, Rihanna ended up taking the L…

More from the Chris Brown vs. Meek and Drake pissing contest…
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Meek Mill responded to Chris Brown’s reference to his Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, by tweeting:


Then, a few hours later, Meek’s Club Paradise tour buddy and fellow Rihanna-throne-watcher Drake jumped in and tweeted:


Chris Brown laughed (to keep from crying):


Drake put on his rude bwoy patois voice:


And finally, Chris Brown said the truest thing of the night, before wishing Drake and Meek adieu:


So let’s recap….

1) Chris Brown catches feelings because his ex-girl Rihanna is messing with a rapper that he wanted to work with, even though Chris could have had Rihanna back but decided to stay with his less-dramatic civilian girlfriend Karrueche instead.
2) Meek Mill, who publicly denied dating Rihanna
in favor of his hometown civilian girlfriend, basically tells Chris that Rihanna is communal property.
3) Then Drake, who once admitted that he was besotted by Rihanna
but got curved on by her, chimes in…referring to Rihanna as a sort of pass-around party favor.

Sometimes when men fight over a women, it’s to defend her honor. This is not one of those times. The thing that stands out the most to me is that Rihanna gets wildly disrespected by the same men who are tagging her ear like a trophy and sending her off into the wild. Dreamchaser? Chick? Ho? wow.

But it was all good just a few nights ago when Rihanna and Drake were hanging out together at Miami’s Club Liv (via NecoleBitchie)…. #DrakesCountryClubSteez

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