Choke No Jokes: Dame Dash’s outburst Pt 3 and Jay-Z in Puerto Rico from Miss Info on Vimeo.

Choke sent over part 3 of his clips of Dame Dash’s angry tirade vs the Def Jam staff back in 2003. Its really more of the same chest-thumping that you saw in parts 1 and 2. Whats more interesting in this behind the scenes footage is the part when Dame is talking to his staff apres-tantrum. He hears about an upcoming Jay-Z appearance at the Mixshow Power Summit in Puerto Rico for the first time. (I remember attending that year. Good times. Thanks to Rene and the rest of his staff. Alot of the artists spent their afterhours wandering away from the resort for jumpies. Was that the same year that 50 Cent debuted with Eminem? I have a terrible memory) And then Choke includes a clip from Hov’s performance. According to “insiders,” Dame scoffed at Jay’s dressed up appearance when he heard about it afterwards. And obviously the chasm between the two was growing and irreparable.

The previous Choke No Joke clips #1 and #2 after the jump….

Part 1

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Dame Dash from Miss Info on Vimeo.