Mikey Fresh: MissInfo.TV is proud to roll out the first interview from our incredible time at Coachella 2012. Thanks to the good folks at Heineken’s “Open Your World” campaign, Miss Info and I spent last weekend attending breakthrough performances from the likes of Azealia Banks, The Weeknd, and of course… Tupac!

After a first night of rain and chilly weather, the skies turned and the temperature shot up. That means short shorts! And headbands! And food trucks. And standing in fields with thousands of your fellow music fans to watch concerts outdoors. But sometimes these concerts last all day…and there is no where to wash your hands…and your food choices all have nitrates in them.

So…while we were out at Coachella for Weekend #1, the MissInfo.tv team flagged down our old pal Atrak and our new pal Childish Gambino for: “How To Survive a Music Festival.”

Here’s a hint: Hydrate. And watch where you poop! (Watch Above)

Check out photos from our Coachella trip and a note from Inf…After the jump

Miss Info: I just want to reiterate what  fun we had last weekend. Something about that sunshine and the desert setting must have made folks just more laidback and fun, because the conversations that we had with Childish Gambino, Atrak, Kendrick Lemar, ASAP Rocky, the Airplane Boys, Theophilus London, and more were nothing like the usual stuffy interviews we do and see so often at press junkets and radio rooms. Like, I was crying laughing all throughout the chat with Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino)…. Dude…he had a female fan shake his hand while pooping behind a stage!!!

Where else will you find two strangers talking about the right and wrong way to introduce yourself…while pooping behind a stage. Only on MissInfo.tv. That’s one to grow on, kids.

And we’ve got more on the way….obviously, I had to grill Childish Gambino about that line in his new song “Eat Your Vegetables” (“My girl look like Miss Info”), and I had to ask Kendrick Lemar what he’s got cooking with ASAP Rocky, and…well, you’ll see. We appreciate you visiting and hopefully clicking. And thank you again to Heineken, the title sponsor of this year’s Coachella Music Festival for rolling out the green carpet!


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